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Derby Online Teaching -Pulvertaft Webinars Certificates

Certificate of attendance: Pulvertaft Monday’s Webinars and CME Points Accreditation:

A certificate and CME points will be awarded to all delegates who attend the LIVE broadcasts of any webinar in a series.

Each series comprises of 8 webinars and you can receive 1.5 CME points per webinar attended – total 12 CME points per series. You can apply for a certificate after the series has finished.

Attendance to the webinars remains completely free. However if you want a certificate and/or CME points a fee of £10 is payable per each series (block of 8 webinars). CME points are approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Certificates and CME points will not be awarded to delegates watching webinars via YouTube.

Series 1 runs from 1st June 2020 to 27th of July 2020 and comprised of 8 below webinars:

Webinars in Series 1:

Prof Frank Burke – Facticious injuries
Mr David Elliot – Avoiding poor results in  Flexor Tendon Surgery
Mr David Elliot – Secondary Flexor Tendon Surgery
Dr Caroline Leclercq – Spasticity in the upper limb
Prof Manuel Llusa – Surgical anatomy of the Brachial Plexus
Dr Alberto Lluch – Extensor apparatus of the fingers. Anatomy and function
Professor Alain Gilbert – Management of Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy
Mr Dominic Power – Management of Brachial Plexus injuries

Series 2 runs from 3rd August 2020 to 21st of September 2020 and comprised of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 2:

Prof Tim Davis – “What do we know about carpal tunnel syndrome?”
Mr David Elliot – “Neuropathic intractable pain in the upper limb”
Miss Kate Brown – “Mind the gap: update on nerve repair“
Prof Tim Davis – “Dilemmas in Cubital tunnel Syndrome”
Dr Alberto Lluch – “How to avoid joint stiffness in the hand”
Dr Alberto Lluch – “Wrist and MCPJ deformity in rheumatoid arthritis”
Dr Alberto Lluch –  “Swan neck and boutonniere deformity of the fingers in Rheumatoid Arthritis”
Dr Marc Garcia-Elias – “Wrist anatomy and biomechanics“

Series 3 runs from 28th September 2020 to 16th of November 2020 and comprised of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 3:

Dr Marc Garcia-Elias – “What is carpal instability? And what it’s not”
Dr Marc Garcia-Elias – “Ulnar sided wrist instabilities”
Dr Alex Lluch –  “Scapholunate instability”
Dr Marc Garcia-Elias – “Fracture-dislocations of the wrist”
Mr Carlos Heras-Palou – “Clinical examination of the wrist”
Mr Jonathan Compson – “Anatomy of the carpal bone”
Mr Carlos Heras-Palou – “Carpal fractures (excluding scaphoid)”
Mr Tim Davis  –  “Scaphoid Fractures“

Series 4 runs from 23rd November 2020 to 25th of January 2021 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 4:

Prof David Warwick – “Scaphoid Fractures: tips and tricks”
Mr Peter Burge – “Tips, tricks and pitfalls in hand Surgery”
Dr Marc Garcia-Elias – “Surgical approaches to the wrist”
Dr Alex Lluch – “Ulnar sided wrist pain”
Dr Luis Scheker – “Biomechanics of the forearm”
Dr Marc Garcia-Elias – “The four-leaf clover algorithm” A useful guide to treat joint disorders about the distal ulna”
Dr Mireia Esplugas – “Wrist arthroscopy: set-up and anatomy of portals”
Dr Riccardo Luchetti – “SNAC and SLAC: staging and management”

Series 5 runs from 1st February 2021 to 22nd of March 2021 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 5:

Dr Andrea Atzei – “TFCC tears: classification and management”
Dr Frederik Verstreken – “3D Printing in Hand Surgery”
Dr James Higgins – “Vascular anatomy of the hand”
Dr James Higgins – “Vaso-occlusive disease of the hand”
Mr Henk Giele – “Thoracic outlet syndrome”
Prof Ariane Herrick and Mr Lindsay Muir – “Systemic Sclerosis a medical and Surgical overview”
Dr Mireia Esplugas – “Anatomy of the distal radius”
Prof Joe Dias – “Conservative management of distal radius fractures”

Series 6 runs from 29th March to 17th of May 2021 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 6:

Mr Donald Sammut – The anatomy of nerve compression in the upper limb
Dr Mireia Esplugas – Wrist arthroscopy in the management of distal radius fractures
Prof Tommy Lindau – An algorithm of management of distal radius fractures
Dr Wolfgang Hintringer – CT Classification of distal radius fractures
Dr Francisco del Pinal – Thumb Reconstruction
Mr Carlos Heras-Palou – PIPJ fracture-dislocations
Dr Chris Pederson – What I have learned in 40 years as a Microsurgeon
Dr Pedro Cavadas – Complex replantation in the upper limb

Series 7 runs from 24th May to 12th July 2021 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 7:

Dr Mireia Esplugas – Anatomy and biomechanics of the CMCJ of the thumb
Miss Jill Arrowsmith – Surgical approached to the hand and fingers
Prof Randy Bindra – Fractures and dislocations of the thumb
Dr Wolfgang Hintringer – Phalangeal fractures
Mr David Shewring – Metacarpal injuries
Victoria Jansen, Helen McKenna, Mr Carlos Heras-Palou – Non-operative management of OA of the CMCJ of the thumb
Prof Tim Davis – Surgical management of osteoarthritis at the base of the thumb
Dr Luis Aponte – Benign Tumors of the Upper Limb

Series 8 runs from 19th July to 6th September 2021 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 8:

Dr Luis Aponte – Malignant tumors of the upper limb
Dr Jorge Boretto – Reconstructive surgery for tumors of the upper limb
Mr Phil Sell – Obstacles to recovery: a hand spine interface
Dr Luis Scheker, Mr Carlos Heras-Palou – DRUJ replacement and ulnar head replacement
Prof Randy Bindra – Wrist replacement
Dr Daniel Herren – PIPJ replacement
Dr Pierluigi Tos – Surgical management of fingertip injuries including nail bed
Dr Roberto Adani – Flaps in finger reconstruction

Series 9 runs from 13th September to 1st November 2021 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 9:

Jeremy Rodrigues – Outcome measurement in hand surgery
Dr Pierluigi Tos – Upper limb replantation: indications and strategy
Prof Ian Trail – Metacarpophalangeal joint arthroplasty
Prof Martin Langer – The fibrous skeleton of the hand
Frederik Verstreken – CMCJ thumb replacement
Mr Carlos Heras-Palou – Arthrodesis of the small joins of the hand
Dr Pierluigi Tos – Management of neuromas
Dr Ed Sellon – MRI of the wrist

Series 10 runs from 8th November to 17th January 2022 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 10:

Prof Greg Bain – Kienbock’s Disease
Dr Elisabet Hagert – Upper extremity nerve entrapments: clinical examination and diagnosis
Prof Chris Bainbridge – Management of Dupuytren’s disease
Mr Mike Hayton – Sports injuries in the hand and wrist
Dr Takehiko Takagi – Paediatric elbow fractures
Prof David Ring – Rethinking common hand and arm problems
Mr Wee-Leon Lam – Embryology of the upper limb: clinical implications for the hand surgeon
Prof Jean Goubau – Osteotomies at the base of the thumb

Series 11 runs from 24th January to 14th March 2022 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 11:

Miss Gill Smith – Genetic syndromes to be aware of
Miss Jill Arrowsmith – High pressure injection injuries and Mr Henk Giele – Extravasation injuries in the hand
Miss Barbara Jemec – Hand infections
Dr David Brogan – Salvage & Reconstruction of the Mangled Upper Extremity
Prof Steven Hovius – Controversies in the treatment of Longitudinal Radial deficiency
Lisa Hadfield-Law – Polishing your presentation for maximum impact
Prof Gilles Dautel – PIPJ and MCPJ vascularised joint transfer
Prof Thierry Dubert – The patient-surgeon relationship

Series 12 runs from 21st March to 23rd May 2022 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 12:

Miss Emily West & Dr Daniel Weber – Children’s fractures of the hand and wrist
Prof Simon Kay – Consulting with Children
Dr Christianne van Nieuwehoven – Arthrogryposis and Dr Wiebke Hülsemann – Compartment syndrome of the neonate
Prof Jan Friden – Management of the upper limb in tetraplegia
Dr Amy Moore – Nerve Transfers
Prof Manuel Llusa – Surgical anatomy of the elbow
Mr Donald Sammut – The language of the hand
Prof Simon Kay – Making new digits

Series 13 runs from 30th May to 8th August 2022 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 13:

Prof Neil Jones – Unsatisfactory results after carpal tunnel release
Dr Pascal Hannemann – Update scaphoid fractures and non-unions
Dr Martin Langer – Anatomy of the PIPJ
Prof Julie Adams – Tendinopathies of the hand and wrist
Mr Carlos Heras-Palou – Unravelling Pain
Dr Francisco del Pinal  – Does CRPS exist?
Mr Manu Sood – Tendon transfers for Radial Nerve Palsy
Mr Geoffrey Hooper  – Writing a paper

Series 14 runs from 15th August to 10th October 2022 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 14:

Mr Shrikant Chinchalkar – Pitfalls in flexor tendon rehabilitation
Dr Pascal Hannemann – Guidelines in the management of fractures of phalanx and metacarpals
Mr Jonathan Compson – Perilunate fractures and dislocations
Prof Neil Jones – Workhorse flaps for the upper limb
Dr Dave Graham and Dr Nick Stewart – Dermatology and skin conditions of the hand
Dr Thomas Giesen – Intramedullary fixation of fractures of the phalanges and metacarpals
Prof Raymond Tallis – How we got to be so different. The hand and human evolution
Mr Naguib El-Muttardi – Management of hand burns

Series 15 runs from 17th October 2022 to13th February 2023 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 15:

Prof Gus McGrouther – Mechanotransduction- the core mechanism of all hand surgery
Prof Andrew Hart – The biology behind Peripheral nerve surgery
Dr Jeremy Bland – Understanding neurophysiological testing
Dr Ezequiel Zaidenberg – Denervation of the wrist and hand joints
Mr Ryan Trickett – Mallets, baseballs and other DIP joint injuries
Prof Dominic Furniss – Why hand surgery is a failure: perspectives of a surgeon scientist
Prof Christian Dumontier – The nail: anatomy, physiology and management of common conditions
Dr Jeff Greenberg – Management of DRUJ instability

The current Series 16 runs from 20th February to1st May 2023 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 16:

Dr Jorge Orbay – Tips and tricks in distal radius fracture fixation
Dr Jane Messina – Arthroscopy in pre-operative planning of Wrist Osteoarthritis
Prof Adam Watts – Clinical examination of the elbow
Mr Shrikant Chinchalkar – Pathomechanics of deformities of the hand
Prof Lee Osterman – Essex-Lopresti injury
Mr Shrikant Chinchalkar – Zone specific extensor tendon rehab part I zones 1 to 5
Prof Martin Langer – Corrective osteotomies of the metacarpal and phalanges
Mr Shrikant Chinchalkar – Part 2 Zone specific Extensor Tendon Rehabilitation in zones 6,7 and 8

The current Series 17 runs from 8th May to 24th July 2023 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 17:

Dr Francisco Soldado – Vascularised Periosteal Flaps for the Upper Limb
Dr Pierluigi Tos – Vascularised bone grafts
Mr Shrikant Chinchalkar – Syndrome of Flexor and Extensor Quadriga – Pathomechanics & Management
Mr Ton Schreuders – Manual muscle testing: common errors and clinical guidelines
Dr Dave Tuckman – How to record and edit hand surgery videos
Prof Joerg van Schoonhoven – Ulnar head replacement
Dr Warren Hammert – Principles of tendon transfers
Dr Francisco Soldado – Update Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy

The current Series 18 runs from 31st July 2023 and comprises of 8 webinars.

Webinars in Series 18:

Dr Luis Cerezal – Update diagnosis TFCC
Miss Kate Brown – Clinical examination of the brachial plexus

You can apply for a certificate after the series has finished.